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Impala Quilt Pattern

So in 2010  I made a quilt for the Crew of Supernatural.  I have always planned to post the pattern on line for free personal use of fans (but not for resale).   I still plan to do a more elaborate post with instructions and pictures but for now I just want to post the basic Impala pattern so I have a record that I own it .  I know I should copyright it or something but I am going free use so I just don't want anyone else to sue me for it, since I hope to give it  for no charge to a rubber stamp maker.  He can use it to sell rubber stamps as long as I can post the pattern here for people who want to quilt or applique using it.  If he decides to use it I will post a link to where you can buy it.  The pattern for the Impala is 100% mine .  I used on photos and dimensions I took of a similar cars and eventually of one of the actual show cars.   It took a lot of finagling because a 4 door Impala is not easy to find.

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SKIP BEAT - 3 & 1/2 Stars

SKIP BEAT is a frothy little Shoujo Anime that is strangely addictive
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THE LONE RANGER -1 & 1/2 Stars

So I went to see THE LONE RANGER  or should I say THE TOO DAMN LONG RANGER  hoping for a Pirates repeat. But it was not to be, the movie was uneven and just dragged.  Now I like long movies if it is justified like LoTR, GWtW and Gettysburg but in this movie

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WORLD WAR Z - 3 stars

I went in to WORLD WAR Z with an open mind.  I knew it wasn't going to be the book at all  and though that made me a little sad, I accepted it and was prepared to be entertained.
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TIGER AND BUNNY  is a cross between a mech and a Super Power Hero show.  The plot isn't all that original to anyone who reads comics or watches anime but is still extremely well executed. What makes this shoes shine is a combination of its clever setting and charming characters.
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HIMI CHAN NO RIBON is a Magical Girl show sweet you can feel your teeth rot while watching it.Read more...Collapse )


Magical Girl Shows are not for everyone but for me they are like a comfort food.  When I am sick lying on my couch with my Grandma's hot toddy, four blankets and Magical Girl anime on the TV  is a way to make a old, flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, pneumonia easier to get through. Seeing a pattern here?  Yeah I have been sick a lot this year.  I don't know if it is the increase in travel or the increase in cigarette smoke from my down stairs neighbor, but it has been a bad year health wise.  Any way on to the review.Read more...Collapse )
A sweet romantic comedy with a touch of sadness laced throughout to make the final joy that much sweeter.  You don't need to enjoy ballroom dancing to enjoy this movie, iit has hardly any dancing in it.  The movie is more about fate hope and second chances.   Though if you do it will only add to your pleasure because the movie has tidbits of ballroom dance history
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I am really conflicted about WITCHBLADE the anime, it has an interesting story and I don't even mind the GO-NAGI style  character designs but it is just so exploitative that I can't really enjoy it.Read more...Collapse )


PAJAMA GAME  sadly despite the good music the story is caught in past and does not hold up well.  Too innocent,  or something.
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