Zaz (zazreil) wrote,

SQUEEEE!!!!!!!! Clever Clever Clever Show!!!

This was the best! I grew up with a best friend who adored old monster films, especially any vamp film. We would stay up late and watch both the old classics and some of the worst B movies ever made with hosts like Svengoolie and Elvira. Supernatural's "Monster Movie" was so perfect because it captured the mood and the feel of those old films. The lighting, the cuts, not just the big things but the little ones as well. So very very clever.

I loved all the Movie and Pop references. Here are the ones I caught easily
Porky's 2 Gag (Sammy at the end)
The New Raiders (Dean to Sam at the beginning)
Jaws (first meeting with the sherif)
Fearless Vampire Hunters (lederhosen clad hero in one scene- if I remember right)
X-Files (Jamie calls them Mulder and Scully and Dean says "The X-Files is tv. This is real.")
Dracula (shifter)
Wolfman (shifter)
Mummy (shifter)
Frankenstein (shifter's Hero Slaying machine)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Dean's reference)
Phantom of the Opera (organist in the theater)
Was that the electronic version Munster theme Ed started to play there for a moment?
Hansel and Gretel (lederhosen and Sam's jibe again)
Night of the Hunter/Great Lebowski ("the Dude will NOT abide" Dean)
Jack the Ripper/ Jekyll and Hyde (Jamie waiting for Dean and walking down the alley)
There was the interview scene with Ed the projectionist that seemed so familiar I am sure he was channeling some old movie but I can't remember which one
King Kong (beauty killed the Beast)
Glass Spiral/Drugged Dean - Vertigo possibly or Farewell my Lovely
Blues Brothers (Dean - mission from God)
Sunset Blvd, you might not think that a monster movie but believe me Norma Desmond, was a horror.

I can't wait for the i-Tunes version to find more, I am going try to catch others I may have missed. Maybe I will dig out my old black and white monster and classic films and see if I can match scenes-

And Dean oh my - Dean was an outrageous delight, rehymenated - snort!!! His is antics can even make his brother forget for a few minutes and smile. We had a return of some nice brotherly interaction. We also learned some really interesting information about Dean's physical state, it is not just the hell hound's damage that was healed, apparently now the only wound he has is the burn from Castiel's hand. It was also nice to see a bit of where Dean's head is, he is cautiously starting to believe. Smishes Dean. But really Porky's 2 I mean any Porky's?

Oh and I loved Kripke and Ben's sly underhanded laugh at the fans - "It's about time the Winchester's got back to a good old fashioned monster hunt." Snicker How many boards have we heard something like that this season LOL But it still works on other levels as well, clever clever writing
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