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Maybe I would have liked this series more if I had gone to   and read the in depth explanation first.    The series is moody and has great atmosphere, but the character designs make it hard to keep track of who is who because they all look the same.  You need to pay attention to the opening to keep track of the characters. But that is a minor problem as is the fact that the story is not told at all linearly, popping back and forth in time with small pieces of the story being dropped like bread crumbs through out.  I watch anime so I was prepared to think, what is not ok and what gives this series only one star is the fact that key pieces of information is just not included. I watched this with a friend and we thought we figured out who the serial killer was only to find out we were completely wrong, I even suffered through key episodes a second time and there is no way to identify the real serial killer in the entire series.  Oh the series has a few great moments, Interlude, Episode 5 is brilliant and brilliantly creepy, but such highlights are few and far between.  Mark this one a pass or if you must try it, be sure to read the Novels or the on line analysis first. My Rating 1 Star
Tags: anime, drama, reviews, science fiction
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