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Man it seems like all I am posting is negative reviews.  Really there are good animes out there and I own them, but GENESHAFT is not one of them.  Like NOIEN it begins with a fascinating concept, a future where your fate is determined by your genetics.  And children are bred for specific tasks. Where women out number men 9 to 1 because men are to aggressive an prone to fighting, so men are bred for roles where that aggressiveness is desired.  Into this world our heroine is unusual because she has not been bred to any specialty role but has the flexibility to become anything she wants to be.  The story begins on the Bilikis a space ship sent out from earth to investigate the origin of a mysterious ring structure that appeared, destroyed a space station and disappeared.  Obstructing them from achieving this goal, is cattiness among most of  the female crew and psychosis in most of the males.  Starting with a psychotic male class mate who has been sent to destroy the Bilikis and stop its mission and ending with a psychotic male leader who thinks that the universe would be better cleansed of humans.  When all these obstacles are over come you still never find out what the Ring was or why it really appeared.  Whether or not it was provoked or summoned by the psychotic male leader.  Instead the series ends with a terraforming that humorously reminds me of an old Saturday Night Life skit where the male space ship rams and gets stuck inside the female space ship which just happens to look like a ring.  When the title of the series is GENESHAFT and the weapon is called the Shaft which fights by shooting into the Ring and the result is terraforming, what does that tell you?  My Review : 1 Stars