Zaz (zazreil) wrote,


Not even Tomadachi's brilliant Fan Sub can save this story about a young Judo star and the 3 guys who are pursuing her.    They might all be gorgeous but as far as I am concerned she needs to kick all of them to the curb and find something better.  The first, the fiance arranged for her by her father is a creepy stalker, whose attentions border on rape, the second is an ineffectual braggart who likes to pretend that he is better than he is and the third is a sulky arrogant snob.  None really care about what she thinks or wants it is all about them.  Which does not mean that she is a prize herself, for all her mad judo skills she is a jellyfish.  Woobling her way through life, even when she realizes that her brothers are giving her the power to choose she can not bring herself to reject the stalker that frightens her, or the braggart who she sees more as a brother, maybe even a little brother.  In the end, she is saved from an unwanted marriage by a judo contest between her suitors, even though she can whip them all.  Give me Merida from BRAVE any day,  Grrrr..... 0 Stars
Tags: anime, comedy, harem female, reviews, romance
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