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To many Miyazaki is the pinnacle of Japanese Animation, the Japanese Disney.  I however am not one to give anyone unconditional approval.  Not George Lucas, not Gene Roddenberry, not Walt Disney and definitely not Miyazaki, Hayao.  PRINCESS MONONOKE is a beautiful, preachy bore.  If you can stay awake for the Forest God's appearance it is beautiful but the rest of the time the story is mind numbing.  Oh and did I say preachy.  Yeah I don't mind movies with a message but I hate when they preach at me.  SPIRTED AWAY had the same message as MONONOKE, conservation, but it didn't preach and was a joyous experience, that made you want to go out and save something.   Can't say the same for this movie.  It just leaves a dreary brown after taste.  I am cleaning out my anime collection and decided to watch it one more time before I sold it.  Fell asleep twice and had to back it up to where I last watched.  UGGGH!  This thing barely made 1 Star