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One of my all time favorite Miyazaki films. Set after World War I, it deals with the effects war has on the men who fight it, under the guise of a almost JOHNNY QUEST style adventure.  Like all Miyazaki films, the visuals are beautiful, but what makes this movie so wonderful to me is the the relationship between the characters and the character study of Porco Rosso himself.  It also addresses themes that the suggest that the way we see our selves influences how the world see us.  Its sad in away that this movie addresses many of the same themes that HOWl'S MOVING CASTLE  did, but unlike that movies executes them brilliantly.  Highly recommended.  Don't be put off that the Hero looks like a pig - its a visual allegory.  5 enthusiastic stars
Tags: action-adventure, anime, character study, dramedy, modern-fantasy, reviews
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