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When Miyazaki is good, he is very very good, but when he is bad he is boring.  Here we go again, another preachy, beautiful bore about the environment. This time its post apocalyptic, where man has killed almost everything on earth and all that remains is bugs, fungus and humans.  Or very nearly at least.  There are a few patches of humanity, one of them is the home of the Heroine, the other is of a Kingdom that wants to wipe out a jungle of Toxic plants and giant bugs.  This is a mistake of course, you don't want to get giant bugs angry, besides which the jungle is actually absorbing the toxins from the world allowing it to heal.  With all the action and adventure, the steampunk style vehicles in this movie, you would think it would be more fun.  But its like STAR TREK 1, DANCES WITH WOLVES lets bog the story down by spending to much time on cinematography and then try to catch up with preachy exposition.  1 star maybe