Zaz (zazreil) wrote,

JONAH HEX - 1/2 Star barely

It is easy to see watching this movie why this tanked in the theaters.

 I loved Josh Brolin in MEN IN BLACK III but in this film maybe because of the make up or because he thinks that the character should talk this way or both, he puts on this fakey gruff voice then mumbles.    Critical scenes are dark enough that you can't tell what is going on half the time.  The story disjointed, I could follow it mostly because it was so simple that you could figure out the ending easily.  That isn't a problem if the action sequences are fun, but like so many action movies these days it goes on far to long as special effects out weigh quality.  Also the made a big deal of Megan Fox's role in the movie, I can't imagine why, her acting seems to consists of a fitting into a super small waisted corset.  I sure hope Disc Replay will buy it from me.  1/2 Star
Tags: action-adventure, fantasy, movies, reviews, western
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