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HILDAGO - 5 Stars

HILDAGO is a wonderful blend of a Westen and a classic adventure swashbuckler and I truely enjoyed it.

Don't be put off by the critic complaints that the movie is an example of jingoism, it really is not.  Just because the obvious happened in a Middle Eastern setting does not make the story jingoistic.  It's more like a Walter Farley novel.   If anything Westerners are not shown in the best of lights.  Also I don't think Disney should be given a bad wrap for claiming the movie was based on a true story.  There really was a Frank Hopkins who really did make similar claims.  Now the O'Reillys, Members of the Long Riders have pointed all the fallacies that Frank wrote in his Autobiography, but like many things in the past, not everyone agrees what the truth I'd.  For the watcher it doesn't matter whether Frank is a compulsive liar or telling the truth, it is a fun story, with great scenery.  Of course it doesn't hurt that  Vigo does a fantastic job and The Hildagos steal the show. If there is any drawback to this movie it is that several time a horse gets hurt.  5 stars