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First  this not an animation style I appreciate, but I stuck with it because it was nominated for multiple Oscars.

You know from the moment the movie opens showing the titled Triplets at the height of their youth and powers that this is going to be a wierd one and the Triplets would be on the Sam and Dean Gank list if they ever met.  The rest of the plot involving kidnapping and rescue, makes little sense.  I mean I can follow it but I keep asking myself why? Why does the grandson, look as old as the Grandma?  Why the kidnapping of second rate cyclists why not ones that are actually good considering all the money that went into the kidnapping? What happened to Mom and Dad?    How do the triplets even know of Grandmas woes considering Grandma doesn't tell them? And where are the Triplets getting their ordinance from?  Not to mention  why when English is selected is only one or two words in English and every thing else is in untranslated French?  1 Star