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A sweet romantic comedy with a touch of sadness laced throughout to make the final joy that much sweeter.  You don't need to enjoy ballroom dancing to enjoy this movie, iit has hardly any dancing in it.  The movie is more about fate hope and second chances.   Though if you do it will only add to your pleasure because the movie has tidbits of ballroom dance history

it is a very clever and well crafted movie, from the opening scenes filmed in a greyed out palette, not quite black and white but almost, while a modern version of Over the Rainbow plays in the background.  Sepia is used in the flash backs but full color is used at the dance school and as the hero falls in love as if to say that magic is about to or has happened.  The actors are also superb.  There are no  huge names like Clooney, Pitt, Jolie, Close etc, but you will recognize Robert Carlysle from ONCE UPON A TIME, Marissa Tomei from MY COUSIN VINNIE, Mary Steenburgen from JOAN OFARCADIA , and Sean Astin from RUDY and LOTR, make for a killer cast.  The only drawback I had with the movie is that sometimes its humor gets to broad and hits my embarrassment quotient and makes me squirm and hide my face.  For that reason I can't give it 5 stars.  But it is very good.  4 Stars