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Magical Girl Shows are not for everyone but for me they are like a comfort food.  When I am sick lying on my couch with my Grandma's hot toddy, four blankets and Magical Girl anime on the TV  is a way to make a old, flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, pneumonia easier to get through. Seeing a pattern here?  Yeah I have been sick a lot this year.  I don't know if it is the increase in travel or the increase in cigarette smoke from my down stairs neighbor, but it has been a bad year health wise.  Any way on to the review.
KAMIKAZE KAITO JEANNE is one of several Magical Girl Animes I have been watching, it is not as sugary sweet as HIMI CHAN NO RIBON, as deliberately tear jerking as FULL MOON SAGASHITA, or as mindnumbing as SAILOR MOON , it strikes a nice balance.  Big pluses in this show are. 1)  You can actually see the two leads fall in love.  They dont like each other at first but respect and affection grow between them.  You don't spend half the time wondering why they would care about each other, you can understand it when it happens.  2) the heroine is not a cowardly Klutz, her Magical girl skills are an enhancement of her real life abilities. 3) The hero is cool, no namby pamby rose or standing around looking ineffectual but pretty while the Magical girl does all the work.  He actually is a rival on the same side, before falls in love and becomes her protector.  And he really does protect her frequently taking physical injuries to keep her safe.  4) the heroine is multi dimensional with fears and insecurities that are very real world.  She is very sad and lonely but keeps a strong front.  It's true of the hero too.  Really it makes it understandable how they could be manipulated in to becoming Magical Teens by their guides and 5) even Jeanne's more stupid decisions make sense.  All in all well worth watching and keeping - 5 stars
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