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TIGER AND BUNNY  is a cross between a mech and a Super Power Hero show.  The plot isn't all that original to anyone who reads comics or watches anime but is still extremely well executed. What makes this shoes shine is a combination of its clever setting and charming characters.

Japan was one of the first nation who started with reality TV games shows and reality shows that American TV has expanded on ad-nauseum.  The show imagines a city that is built on multiple levels that float above each other, and in this city the most popular reality TV show is  HERO TV.  HERO TV is a cross between COPS, a game show like DOORs and sport where the athletes proudly show the logos of their Sponsers.   All the limitations and issues associated with this type of TV are present in the show and become part of the plot.  Very clever.  The other thing that this show dies well is make even the secondary characters interesting.  They are not just there to prop up the heros or due tragically.  They are charming and funny in their own right and I think it is a shame they the show has ended because I would have liked to have learned more about all these characters.  The leads are a typical buddy show couple, one wild and riven by instinct the other more reserved and intellectual and yet as the series progresses the intellectual shows more emotion and the wild instinct driven on really does have a good head on his shoulders. Who'll this adds up to the two characters being closer in personality than one would first suspect and the differences are more superficial.  Very Enjoyable  - 5 stars
Tags: action-adventure, anime, fighting, mech, reviews, science fiction, super hero
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