Zaz (zazreil) wrote,

WORLD WAR Z - 3 stars

I went in to WORLD WAR Z with an open mind.  I knew it wasn't going to be the book at all  and though that made me a little sad, I accepted it and was prepared to be entertained.

I would say it was a slightly above average action thriller, that annoyed and disappointed me on occasion.  It annoyed me because, though the book was a social commentary on a lot of touchy subjects, Global Warming was not one of them.  But the film makers had an agenda and there it was front and center, while all the points the book was actually tring to  make were ignored.  The other thing that annoyed me was how the Israelis were handled.  The Israeli preparedness was one of the few things that was kept from the book?  But unlike the book the Israelis were shown as being stupid despite being prepared.   So it ticked me that the film did both of those things.

The film then disappointed me that it had a few extremely unrealistic things happen.  Not that zombies are real but in stories like this you either go complete fantasy or keep enough of the real world rules in place that the viewers can feel the horror.  Unfortunately the film makers were more interested in the special effects and action sequences a common problem for film these days  So it's ok for a matinee or 2nd run theater but not for full price or 3D.
 3 Stars
Tags: action-adventure, drama, horror, movies, reviews
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