Zaz (zazreil) wrote,

SKIP BEAT - 3 & 1/2 Stars

SKIP BEAT is a frothy little Shoujo Anime that is strangely addictive

I think part of the reason I like it so much is that the Heroine is no milquetoast.  The basic premise is a familiar story, handsome self absorbed jerk uses high school sweetheart to get ahead in life.  In this case it is not a Medical or Law degree but the chance of becoming a super star.  She pays all the bills and keeps house until the day she harshly learns the truth and is dropped kicked out of his life.  That is the day the Pandora's box of all her anger and hurt at years of being neglected By her parents and used by her erstwhile lovers family as an unpaid servant boils over.  However unlike stories we here in the news she does not shoot the turd, she decides success is the best revenge and seeks a future in the entertainment business.  Once she puts her mind to it she does not give up, the way she makes friends, gains supporters and meets a fellow who I hope turns out to be the main love interest.  Unfortunately unless we read the Manga we will never know.  The series stops in the middle of the main arc where the possible hero is realizing his true feelings.  Just stops.  Don't believe rumors of a second season there hasn't been any more filmed since 2009 , so even if it did come back it probably would start from the beginning again.  Because it leaves you hanging I can only give it 3 & 1/2 STars
Tags: anime, comedy, harem female, reviews, romance
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